Activating Your Deepest Power

Activating Your Deepest Power

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In this Reading we explore the placements of Chiron, the North + South Nodes of the Moon, and Lilith. This reading helps to discover your evolutionary path in this lifetime, your greatest wounds and healing, and the badass power you can use to overcome them, face your fears, and step in to your full power. This Reading is a deep dive into these 3 placements in your Natal chart that can unlock your most magnificent potential.

Chiron holds the key to our deepest wounds and our greatest spiritual gift for healing. 

The South Node is our Karmic past, where we tend to get too comfortable.

The North Node marks our destiny in this lifetime- our path of evolution.

Lilith is The Femme Fatale. For women, she's how we empower ourselves. For men, she represents the type of woman you lust for- the type of woman who has something to teach you.