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Twerk Circle

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The Art of the Sacred Twerk is really just a Reminder. Your feminine body already knows how to move this way. This is less of a traditional "class" and more of a Circle where Female + Female Identifying come together and completely LET THE F*** GO!

That being said, of course I will be sharing my tips and tricks of this sacred and ancient dance! But more than anything, its so fun  to come together with all the ladies and use this EXTREMELY POWERFUL practice of movement to let go of what is not serving us and begin to embody everything that we TRULY are!

Part of that is letting go of the shame attached to this kind of movement... and letting it all wash away as you own the power true liberation offers you. It’s healthy in all ways for us to move in this yes, erotic, yes, sexual, yes hot, yes stimulating and yes, slightly ratchet way! But guess what else ?! Our ancestors did it. The Sacred Twerk is traced all the way back to Nomad days!

So, don't be shy! Can you honestly think of a better place to learn how to twerk than in the comfort of your own home? And don't use "I don't know how to twerk" as a reason. Because when you don't know how, you just learn! If you want to, of course...
See on Tuesday!

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