I am Brittany Grace, designer and owner of OSTARA.

My whole life I’ve been called to experience the magic of the world through ritualistic symbols, jewelry, and self-expression through style. OSTARA is the culmination of this lifelong exploration. The ritualistic style pieces are infused with symbolism that represent the passage of time, and empower its wearers to step into their unique truth. 
Each piece is pulled from the ethers and designed by me, and then handmade in Los Angeles, California. It’s my hope that the intention imbued in each piece is deeply felt. The materials and symbols used are designed to inspire consciousness in the present, a deep reverence for our past, and a future created of our greatest potential, manifested. 
OSTARA collections give way to the spark of creation within us all.

To stay connected with me, follow me on insta @thisisostara.

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