House of Native Daughter is the culmination of 10 years of dreaming + building.
The "House of" was born of Native Daughter Jewelry, finally bringing the full intention of the jewelry line to fruition. This was a dream started in 2008, by Brittany Grace, founder & designer of Native Daughter jewelry to one day work with other independent women artists from all over the globe + from all walks of life. Native Daughter jewelry, always having a larger intention than the jewelry itself, strives to create the essence of unity & beauty in diversity in each and every piece created. Inspired by the women who are drawn to it, Brittany creates each piece to be worn as an emblem of empowerment, drawing symbolism & motifs from the elements & the planets we are guided by. Native Daughter is jewelry with a force field. Each piece is infused with a larger intention that serves all, and through this a silent alliance is formed in the hearts of the women who resonate with not only the designs, but the power of its message. The name itself pays homage to this. The name Native Daughter was designed to represent each of us being proud Native's of our own personal heritage and culture. While, at the same time and in respect to that, all of us together are breaking down the barriers that were constructed from our differences in culture. In recognizing that we are all one, we are all Daughter's born of the Mother Earth. And in both of those respects, we celebrate.Finally time to take the jewelry & it's intention to the next level, in 2015 House of Native Daughter was born. HoND is a constantly evolving collective of young, cutting-edge makers & designers that put sustainable practices at the forefront of their creations. We believe that through banding together with our individual visions in our minds-eye, and by using values-driven methods in production, we can help to renew & inspire these ideals throughout the fashion industry.