Astrology is the study of time and space based on the position and movements of the Planets, the Luminaries, and other Celestial bodies.

This movement is happening at all times, and our Natal Chart is a snapshot of where the planets were in the sky the moment we were born. The position of the planets comprising our  personal Natal (Birth) chart can act asa very clarifying means to better understand our own psyche and motivations. 

I've been studying Astrology for 7 years and very much still consider myself a student of this cosmic divination tool. I use the Whole Sign House System, which is the oldest House system in Western Astrology - the oldest known way to read each chart. With each reading I learn more and more about the cosmos, the planets, and how they affect and relate to our human inclinations. 

It's a very insightful medium to use to help us validate things we may already consciously or subconsciously know, or to help us zero in on aspects of ourselves we may not be totally conscious of. The more aware we become, the more we are offered the ability to adjust ourselves or our lives accordingly. It's the blueprint for our soul, and acts a great navigational tool. The more we can get conscious of who we truly are, the more honestly and authentically we can live. It is my pleasure and honor to share some insights with you.

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